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A physicist, a biologist, and a mathematician are sitting in a café, staring at a problem on the chalkboard. They've been given the challenge of determining the volume of a red rubber ball. The biologist suggests, "Well, let's measure the diameter of the ball, then use a formula to calculate its volume based on that." The physicist nods and says, "Yes, but we must also consider factors like elasticity and compression under different pressures." The mathematician, after pondering for a moment, scribbles some equations on the chalkboard, then erases them and says confidently, "I have found a solution! Assume the ball is a perfect sphere." The biologist and physicist exchange puzzled looks, and then the physicist says, "But that's just an assumption. How does that help?" The mathematician replies with a grin, "Ah, but of course! Now the problem has been reduced to a previously solved one!"

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